AuthorTopic: I hate Statistics
@2015-09-06 06:19:33
The probability of me hating statistics is 100%.
@2015-09-18 17:06:22
what is so difficult about stats? Is there more logic in accounting......?
Really easy points if you ask me. Ethics however, buuhrr
@2015-09-20 09:50:52
The LI stats isn't bad. But the CFAI problems are a little long-winded.

When I did LI, I wasn't particularly enamoured by stats either, but I shelled $25 for a Schaum's Outline guide in Stats, and did the problems. Hell, if you can do the entire book (it's undergrad level stats), you've done 80% of CFAI's quant requirements.
@2015-10-11 12:01:28
the stats from what i know thus far are not all the different among the levels. In I we had simple liner regression and some portfolio management stuff, in II thy added multiple linear regression, I am not sure about III yet, but I have been told, its no different than II. I think what is hard at first is not having done it in a while and being thrown all these formulas. All the test statistics are the same essentially. the portfolio management is basically getting betas, covariances and correlation figures and expected returns, etc. the regression stuff is knowing how to read, interpret, and do some simple calcs. on and ANOVA table. I actually found the textbook not too bad on stats.
@2017-12-16 03:11:57
"i hate stats", this is what i think but i do perform well in this regard. can some one give me solution to get rid of this fobia!

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