AuthorTopic: I have a brain tumor
@2017-12-20 16:39:43
I just finished reading Volume 1 Ethics and Quant Methods and I think I developed a small brain tumor. Now I am getting really worried because after reading many of the posts the best is yet to come: FSA.
@2017-12-23 09:36:24
You shouldn't joke about these things (brain tumour). I'm sure there are people on this forum who actually will develop something such like or other disease before the June exam, and who will be most unhappy.

However, if it's just an expression of desperation over FSA, do not fear. The fact that others have found it difficult will not necessarily mean you will too. You have all the tools you need: being smart, dedication to the task, ability to ask for help/explanations on this forum, etc.
@2017-12-30 19:52:03
FSA is my weakest
@2018-01-27 20:53:29
Don't be scared of FSA... be scared of derivatives. I am in the thick of it, and it's awful.

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