AuthorTopic: I have no idea where I stand!
@2019-11-02 21:03:21
So, as it comes down to the wire here, I am becoming less and less confident.

Here are the scores I have gotten:
Mock 1: 61%
Mock 2: 48%
Mock 3: 72%
Mock 4: 63%
Mock 5: 80%
Mock 6 - 10: not tried yet.

Where do I stand?
@2019-11-05 21:17:58
those are really good scores, i'd say you'd be just fine.
@2019-11-06 23:59:33
I never even took a practice exam under timed pressure. I just learned everything that i missed as i blew thru the practice exams. 1 days remaining until Friday 9pm (sleep TIME) I hope to put in another 64 hours out of this. :)
@2019-11-15 17:03:45
You should actually count how many you got wrong and do the math on your score, the percentile is a benchmark on how you are doing against the rest of us. And you seem to be doing just fine.

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Craig Baugh