AuthorTopic: I have to ask this question...
@2005-07-28 09:14:18
I am just looking at the L1 material at the how much depth are you supposed to remmeber all the material in these notes.

The is an incredible amount of material it doesn't possible to remember such a volumes of stuff.

So i am guessing a lot of the exam is based on application of concepts?

thanks, I am just trying to understand what to extract from these notes...hope someone can help...

@2005-07-29 02:04:24
The depth of level 1 is quite easy.The difficult part is to memorize all the stuff and apply those concepts into the exam with average 1.5 min per question. I spent a lot of time in memorizing rather than understanding. CFA is not easy task. You should aim high so you can over the barrier.
Good Luck
@2005-08-16 12:18:32
remember every damn thing you read, because they will literally ask the most obscure piece of information. be afraid and that will make you study harder.
@2005-08-18 16:03:54
be afraid, that's funny. and true. Be afraid.
@2015-05-09 06:09:31
I'm afraid that I might faint on the exam day! I'm freaking out! :(

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz