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@2009-10-25 23:15:19
Hello Everyone,
I work as a Financial Advisor in a Major Investment Bank Since Jan. of 07. my previous experience was a Banking Center Manager for 2 years at the same Bank. Now, I am torn between the MBA program and the CFA. I really do not want to be in Sales for the rest of my life. I have few Question that i like to get a Helful Feedback on:

1- If I pass LevelI of the CFA, what would be the Salary Range that I would be looking at (considering my previous experience & background)?
2- I am 30 years old. is that too old to start with the CFA program with the fact that it takes about 5 years on average?
3-Assuming I obtain the CFA Charter, and IN THE WORST CASE SCENARIO, how much $$ I would be Making a year?

Thanks in advance for your time & Valuable feedback.
@2009-10-29 22:11:43
Anybody wants to help me w/ anyfeedback? PLEASSSE!
@2009-11-01 03:14:44
1. I can't tell from your information. Not sure what "Banking Center Manager" does exactly, or, for that matter, what you would be shopping the CFA for.

2. No.

3. See response to #1
@2009-11-01 19:07:10
Hello HedgingLawyer,
Thanks for your Feedback. A banking center manager is a manager of a bank branch like a manager of one of Bank of america Branches "you oversee the operation & the sales of the Branch & responsible for achieving specific sales goals. also you would be managing about 10 employees"

lets assume that my previous Experience would not be taken in consideration, what would be a starting salary & what position as a rocky if i pass Level I?

HedgingLawyer, would you also consider re-answer Q3 again?

hope my explaination helps you!!
Thanks again for your feedback.


@2009-11-12 14:41:23
Hey friend...

I can understand the confusion that you are confronted with.

The CFA program is very good and awarding as well. It can definitely take you to greater heights in your career.

Take care.

@2010-07-05 12:39:04
Thanks Gappu for your feedback. I registered for the June 11 exam & will start Studying this week. Do you have any Recommendation on that??



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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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Edward Liu