AuthorTopic: I need some career advice
@2010-07-01 05:29:29
I am currently working for a huge financial industry. I am currently working for a huge financial firm, a fortune 100 company as a Business Analyst in the IT sector. This company that I am working is involved in secondary market. They sell MBS(mortgage backed securities). I earn a pretty good salary and compensation. I have done my Masters in computer science and bachelors in economics.
As a business analyst I have learned some of the business that this company does. I am sure itís a drop in ocean. But what this company does is really interesting. I am planning do my CFA and with my knowledge and experience I feel that I may land up on the securities side of the same company, but I am not sure having a CFA title will earn me a good job.

I really need any advice that may help my situation. Should I stick to the IT side and keep doing what I do or should I take CFA and work on this very interesting side. Learning business of any company dealing with securities is a good for your career. But after so many years in IT(7 years), I am not sure if I am thinking right.

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