AuthorTopic: I passed - This is not kidding! - Great feeling
@2006-01-18 14:00:25
thanks for all the help guys.

Good luck
@2006-01-18 15:51:55
woohooo! i passed as well. from sydney. did it with better scores than expected as well.

Any plan for Level II? Does the site have level 2 notes?

@2006-01-18 16:25:19
i passed too!!! thanks for everyone's help in answering my retarded questions on the site, especially my questions about those mock exams!!
@2009-01-19 22:53:13
No kidding. I passed too. I am a level 2 candidate now.

For those newbies:
I have a non-finance background, studied only AnalystNotes for 6 months, and passed with >70% in all areas. I also took a prep course but it basically just reinforced what was already found in the AnalystNotes with discussions. I found that AnalystNotes prepared me well in all areas. I also benefited a lot from doing the mock exams.

CFA Discussion Topic: I passed - This is not kidding! - Great feeling

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh