AuthorTopic: I passed!
@2004-07-28 17:12:43
Hey Everybody... Whats up with everybody's results? I cleared, thank god, with just 45 days of studying here ...
@2004-07-28 23:54:20
you must be real smart !!! 45 days of prep... haha alas, I'm not as cool as you are: I passed too, but it took me lots of time and effort to clear Level I. I spent over 160 hours online to do cfacenter's exams and more times reading its notes. anyway, thank god!
@2004-07-29 17:37:40
thanks cfacenter for your excellent work. I am a level 2 candidate now. just paid AIMR for the exam fee. When will your level 2 notes ready?
@2004-07-30 14:30:44
any suggestions from u guys for dec level 1 candidates ..
@2004-08-10 10:44:49
Those of you who passed Level one exam, did you use CFA center notes exclusively or did you use text books from AIMR as well. Thanks
@2004-08-10 14:17:33
I used cfacenter notes, plus the ethics and accounting textbooks, and passed.
@2004-09-04 15:04:36
yes use cfacenter's notes exclusively. it's good enough for you to pass level 1.
@2004-09-22 19:52:01
I just recieved the 2005 recommended text books...ouch the price! Can anyone point me to where I can get CFA center notes? thanks!
@2004-09-23 04:12:12
you have to pay $59 to get the notes.
@2004-09-24 13:41:26
What are the scores I should expect?
@2004-10-05 14:54:35
Congratulation! Were the real exam questions hard than the cfacenter's? How did you manage the six hours at the test center?
@2004-10-08 09:42:46
I paid the $49 (discount offer on the $59) over paypay. How long do I have to wait before I revieve the notes for Level 1. Are they mailed to me or will I get access to them through the site
@2004-10-08 10:27:51

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu