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@2017-03-05 07:05:36
How do you convince an investment bank that banking is your passion and that is what you want to do if you currently do not work in the industry and are doing something else but the only reason you are doing something else is because you couldn't get into banking initially.

Reason i am asking is i have an opportunity to interview at a bank now but am not in the industry... I managed to receive the opportunity thru a high level contact at the bank... The opportunity is to start as an analyst level... But when they ask me why i am not in banking already and why i want to do it i am not quite sure how to answer that question...the REAL reason i am not in it now is because i couldn't get into it how do I explain that now?

thanks a lot.
@2017-03-06 11:09:55
Explain to them WHY it is your passion. There must be a reason, or just tell them you always dreamed of working 100+ hrs/ week on excel spreadsheets ever since you were a kid.
@2017-04-10 03:48:32
Why not just say that you enjoy the concept of contributing to the pitch book, helping your firm hunt down new business via your analytical skill set and getting paid handsomely for it? And may-be that you aspire to be an MD when you're older so that you can utilize BOTH your analytical skill set and your people/relationship management skill set. Basically, getting paid a lot for doing something you enjoy. Unless of course you loath excel, long hours and cash, and have little or no interest in earning your CFA Designation if you haven't already.

Don't worry, its not a sin to say you're passionate about earning a high income if you can furnish the incumbent manager with OTHER reasons for wanting the job.

For example, helping good credible companies gain public listings so they can expand on their success.
@2017-06-18 15:56:11
It doesn't really matter what you say. You show enthusiasm, you don't describe it.

Tell him about what you've read in your own time, what you've learnt in your own time, what you study in your own time, etc. Give him evidence of your 'passion'.
@2018-08-21 04:54:13
You need to convey your passion & explain WHY..

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