AuthorTopic: If GDP a flow how to mesure stock of weel fare
@2005-01-18 11:15:34
Have you ever things how to mesure the real well fare of a economy. If the GDp is only a flow of capital in to a economy how could we mesure a stock of capital into the economy wich may determidaded the well fare into the economy.

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@2005-02-19 11:50:23
GDP is not a flow, it is a 'level' (or 'stock' if you like to call it that). Change in GDP is a 'flow' and % change is a 'rate' [of change].

A measure of welfare is different, as you may wish to include expected life span, income differentials, population-sentiment/expectations. You may wish to accrue the future in various ways. There is no commonly accepted measure of welfare as 'welfare' means applying some form of utility function and making a value judgement. But this is academic stuff, not GDP stuff.

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