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@2017-09-17 05:34:35
Hey guys, sounds like all the regulars crushed this thing! Good stuff!

This is a retrospective thread to all, who are finally sober and who think they could have done better.

If you could go back a few months, what would you change in your prep? What would you do differently, now that you've written the exam?
@2017-10-18 19:30:54
From what people are saying, i'd spend more time on practice questions and mock exams instead of reading CFAI textbooks.

as for preparation and study materials, i used mostly AnalystNotes and i think it was fine- i didn't have more than a handful of questions on that test that i looked at and said to myself i have no clue how to do this one.

study early, study hard, don't stop. learn FSA inside and out- leases, ratios, etc

econ i would take the time to write out- if money supply expands, this this and this happens
if interest rates move down, this this and this happen. knowing all of that cold would've saved me a lot of 50/50 guesses on econ- there were tons of 2 part questions.

ethics was very fair on the test- study it in the beginning and at the end and know GIPS and corp governance (which is now on FSA)

hmm, what else?
pretty much just study a ton and hopefully it'll pay off. that's what i'm hoping for the next 6 weeks or so anyways.
@2017-10-22 13:06:39
I don't think I would ever say this but I would've used AnalystNotes. Just considering the volume of material covered, you focus - or at least I focused - too heavily on the difficult concepts when the exam is much simpler than the original study material suggests. Of course there are some questions that were difficult technically but those were in the extreme minority. If I would've read the CFAI material over once and then spent two months going over AnalystNotes' well summarized study notes I think I would've retained more, especially more that would've been tested.
@2017-12-17 16:22:09
I wouldn't really change anything. Taking all the online tests was very very helpful. Better than anything out there. I think this analystnotes web site prepared me really well to handle the questions. The concept testing questions were fair enough I would say. If you are calculating it correct, you've got to know the concept behind it.

Making tons of flashcards really helped me at the last moment.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt