AuthorTopic: If you write in December, what to do for L2?
@2013-08-21 12:56:14
If results aren't posted until mid January, you are losing valuable study time for L2...

So, do you (or can you) buy the books for L2 and start studying?

I'm hoping I can avoid this all-together and just pass the first time around!

Thanks in advance
@2013-09-13 09:07:42
hope you did pass the june test, but if do you have to sit for dec -- make sure your over prepared

since you can't register for level II until you get results -- best bet is to use analystnotes for the preview.

-- they even offer a special package around that time that if you failed -- they will apply the price you pay to repeat level I material

-- this way you can start studying for level II right away

-- if you by that point you have the courage for a third attempt...

so relax enjoy the summer and hope you did your best
@2014-03-29 16:39:15
I passed level 1 June 11, but didn't start studying level 2 till mid/end of February. There is enough time to study as long as you are committed. I believe most of the level 2 candidates on this forum started at a similar time to myself. Even though I probably haven't passed, many of the others will, and in my opinion, you should attempt the Dec 14 exam. At worst, you fail, but the exam experience will prepare for the June 2015 exam better than any prep course or anything else.
@2014-03-30 10:05:28
I think level II can only be given in June and there are no dates for December. Atleast this was the case till last year. And you may start preparing by accessing online course providers or by downloading study materials available free of cost. Studying extra never harms!!
@2018-01-09 11:36:05
Even if the results are published in January, there would be ample time to prepare for L-2 and clear it in next 5 months. You can take help of some good test preparation sites to make the syllabus concise which will help you to tackle the right portions for the exam.

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