AuthorTopic: I'm gonna quit this exam although registered
@2010-06-01 08:42:25
I intend to quit this exam although I have registered for CFA Level I this June. I have completed about 50% of the LOS... the rest is nearly blank in my mind. Should I quit it and not show up on the exam day? If I take it, I will fail absolutely. If my result this time is so poor, will it affect my profile in CFA Institute?
Please give me some advice...
I'm very desperate of myself now...
So sad...
@2010-06-01 11:58:36
It will not affect your CFAI profile. This will be my 3rd try at Level 2, so I can relate to your sense of uneasiness. Even if you feel that your chances are slim on Saturday, I would strongly recommend that you take the exam anyway for two reasons. One, since it's all multiple choice, your chances of passing are better than if it were essay. At least you can fill in an answer and you may get enough of them correct to pass. Two, taking the exam now will give you a good sense of what to expect, both in terms of the depth of it and time management approach. Even if you fail miserably, you'll have the experience of taking the exam under your belt which would give you a confidence boost for the Dec exam. Don't walk away. If you're going to go down, do what I always do, go down swinging. Good luck.
@2010-06-01 13:54:06
I agree with MGM13. Take the exam and gain valuable experience. It can be a zoo and a pressure-cooker, so learn a few things about the writing process now so that it won't be new to you next time. Besides, at least you can say that you gave it a shot. Nobody knows their final mark anyhow.
@2010-06-01 23:11:34
Thanks MGM13

Another reason why I want to quit is money. There's no way of passing this time and I will waste my money spending on flights and hotel.
However, your words enlighten me... I'm still considering. Maybe I will pack my luggage and go for it tomorrow.
@2010-06-02 01:38:08
I am in the same mood, and francly speaking not going to appear at exam center. What should I do now, I just wrote the request to CFA Inst. Maybe someone now is there any impact related to non attendance. It means that I am going to register untill 15 aug 2010 for Dec 2010 Level I
Please help.
@2010-06-02 10:17:42
Is it necessary to visit exam center to advise exam staff on my decision or I can just re enroll in late July 2010
@2010-06-03 00:11:32
You can simply re-enroll later. No impact for non-attendance (other than financial cost of registration, etc.). However, I still advise you to take the exam. It'll help more than you expect for the Dec exam. Good luck!
@2010-06-03 09:44:22
i know how you feel ivy. i decided to quit about 6 times in the last 4 month. but i keep pushing my self back to studying. the exam is tomorrow, and i still feel that my chance of passing is 50-50. (which is better than the 30% results of last year.) i am so anxious and stressed, that i don't remember how it feels not to worry about the exam. i guess i will know at 5 pm tomorrow. take the exam, even if you don't feel like you are prepared, you still going to feel confident afterwards, since you know what you are getting into next time. Good luck to everybody :)
@2010-06-03 16:17:55
I am in the same situation.I spent my semester with my MBA course and did not have time to study only three weeks.I am pushing harder and harder.Don't let anything stop you.You will sit and take that damn exam at least we will see what it looks like.we can't come this close and give up.Yes I understand for some it is money but think the valuable experience you will get just in case you wanna sit again.guys sometimes you might feel you know nothing but trust me you know it all it is just somewhere in your brain waiting for the moment to come out...GIVING UP SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION OR YOU BECOME ANOTHER STATISTICS....GO TAKE THE EXAM THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN IS YOU FAIL WHICH IS PART OF LIFE...IT TAKES MANY WRONGS SOMETIMES TO MAKE IT RIGHT...GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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