AuthorTopic: I'm history.
@2009-12-06 15:15:39
To all those who took the level 1 in december 2009. I truly believe I´m history. Gone. Done. Dead in the water.

Questions in the morning session were a lot harder than in the afternoon. Time in the morning was a constraint but not in the afternoon. I should have studied more ratios, how bonds affect ratios, LIFO vs. FIFO, and again, ratios, ratios, ratios. Half the test is on ratios. A real pain. Most the questions are double questions also. Such as what happens to this ratio and that ratio? In a two column format. That's a killer. Instead of calculating only one thing per question you have to calculate two. Analyst´s Notes should follow more that kind of question format as does Schweser.

Besides all that something happened to my eyes on the week before that I can't seem to focus. I did the entire exam out of focus! Like a broken movie projector or a fungus filled camera lens. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!

Sorry for the complaints... See you all next June, again on level 1 I guess.
@2009-12-07 03:02:08
I've just taken the Level I. Accounting failed.
The CFA Sample example from cfa institute only helps in Ethitcal. Maybe the June exam is easier?
@2009-12-09 09:14:31
I spent $400 and used schweser to prepare as I thought it was the primary tool for candidates. What a mistake! I did around 3000 questions and stopped cos it kept repeating the questions. I just wish I'd found this web site much earlier!
@2009-12-10 18:09:15
Rguerra, I bet your eye problem was a result of stress and nerves on exam day. There's not much you can do, except to RELAX, which is much easier said than done. But as you pointed out, you only have to wait 6 months to take it again. The worst thing that can happen is that you fail.
Rich, there's no difference between the June and December exams. Why would CFAI make them different?
Wallet, it's not about the number of questions you do. I "only" did about 2500 questions, but my average over the course of those questions was 75% correct, because I used the questions as a study review and not a primary source. I agree the Schweser online questions could use some improvement. The Schweser online mock exams are simply culled from the database of questions, and aren't very good at all.
@2009-12-11 18:38:16
Don't worry too much. For the first timer, you are very likely to run out of time if you are not from accounting background. That is why I failed the same time last year. Relax, and practice more and come back in six month. You will feel much better then.
@2009-12-13 18:31:35
so i'm not the only one who thought the schweser sample questions weren't as much help as i feel they should have been...

it didn't help that the guy sitting next to me finished both sections of the exam a whole hour before I did. That scared the living daylights out of me!
@2010-09-22 06:14:15
I thought it was the opposite - I thought the first half was easy, finished in an hour 15 minutes, the second half I thought was harder, but confident enough - we shall soon find out.

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