AuthorTopic: Important to memorize these complex formulas?
@2018-11-10 01:59:56
Is it important to memorize the Traynor and M-Squared or derivations of CAPM? I kind of breezed by this area of study, telling myself that I know CAPM and interpretation of beta and so forth without forcing myself to re-memorize the single vs. multi asset derivations or the ratios other than Sharpe. How deeply do you think we need to know this stuff?
@2018-11-11 18:02:56
Everything's fair game.

I'd make sure that I knew them.
@2018-11-21 11:50:30
Thanks... In seriousness, I am trying to focus on the aspects that are most likely to to show up and don't have a great sense of how deep they generally look to go.

I am using the official texts for studying and there is admittedly a lot filler in there that seems to go beyond a reasonably testable curriculum, so was trying to get a sense of if those aspects of portfolio construction are fair game. Sounds like you say they are.

So, I guess I have a couple more index cards to fill out.

Thanks again.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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Edward Liu