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@2005-03-28 19:26:01
Hey guys. I am taking L1 in December.

I was wondering what is the most inexpensive, (but still good, and comprehensive enough to help me pass L1), and effective (that covers all the aspects I will be tested on) study material out there?

I've checked a couple of web sites. The price of the study packages is outrages. ($500-600).

I have a BA in finance. So, I am not completly new to the material that is covered on the test.

What kind of material should I buy in order to pass this test on my first try?

Thanks a lot.
@2005-03-29 02:49:36
most inexpensive study system: analystnotes. In terms of quality, its materials are similar to what Schweser or Stalla offer.
@2005-06-07 11:18:19

If you go on or there are a lot of cfa notes from different fields for sale, at real cheap prices. be careful though as some notes are compiled by students themseoves who sat the exams.

they mention that they themselves compile them, but they may be a good backup for your other readings. Either Allen resources or schulman review are pretty good to backup the cfa center but nothing else is really any decent.

Ive seen the Schweser books and they are SO bad!! stay away! cfacenter is very good all round, and so cheap too. The notes are very detailed and cover the topics exceptionally well.

If anyone has or knows of a website where you can trade/ swap notes it would be great if they could share it


@2005-07-05 02:57:41
hi, I am new to this website. Can someone teach me how do I gain access to the analystnotes?

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!