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@2010-04-05 12:04:25
Just saw this posted:

Institutional Sales Rep. Associate
Required Skills: Undergraduate Degree, prior sales/marketing experience, hard working, detail-oriented, self-motivated, independent worker, Excel proficiency, Verbal and Written Presentation Skills. Preferred Skills: Near Completion or has an Advanced Degree in Finance/Economics/Business and/or CFA, Industry Experience. Essential Job Functions: Super Regional Investment Bank is looking for an Entry Level Institutional Equity Sales Person to join their Los Angeles based team selling equity research to West Coast based Money Management Institutions. Training Provided: On the job. Equipment Used: Excel, Word, Bloomberg, Big Dough, Act.

I'm currently in marketing and am taking the CFA exam to make a career change, I've already passed level 1. My question is, would taking a job like this help me to move into the investment industry to eventually become an analyst, or would it pigeon hole me into always being a "salesman". The reason why I'm considering applying for this job is because I'm already a very good salesman for my company, so maybe I could use my sales background to leverage into investments. Any thoughts?
@2010-05-17 06:21:17
Elway - It really depends on the company. Some are open to the idea, at others, once in sales, always in sales. I have seen/heard of institutional sales guys getting into research with some exceptional companies. Thing is though, a lot of those guys make a ton of cake for a lot less hours/stress, so once they get into the sales role & get established, many are less inclined to go into research.

Doesn't hurt to apply and ask the question about career path if you get the interview, though.

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