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@2010-08-29 12:23:07

Anyone here has experience as an institutional trader? One of my friend told me that there is an opening for institutional trader. i need inputs from you guys.

What is your daily routine and work related issue? If you have a chance to start all over again, would you still choose institutional trader?

My backgound: mid 20s, level 2 candidate, 2 years experience in the mutual fund division at a mid size brokerage house, 1.8 years of small business owner. now consider heading back to the industry after i wrap up my not so successful business.

I greatly appreciate your inputs and comments...
@2010-09-13 10:34:32
Apply, and you will see. Many of the so called trader positions are market making , or order executing positions. Few people can trade, and even fewer can trade well. Can you trade well? Are you one of the typical market maker types who execute orders of millions but cannot trade their own $3K account but would laugh upon people who can trade small accounts well?

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