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@2018-06-11 14:14:17
To all accoutants out there. I have an interview Thursday for a sweet Senior position with the government. This is second and final interview and from what I have been told it is an hour long interview where I am supposed to respond to various business cases. The first dude I interviewed with said that it is a meatgrinder interview. Does anybody out there have any experience with these kinds of interviews and what they may be asking. Muchos Gracias in advance.
@2018-06-13 17:04:40
Without the job description, it's hard to reply. If I were in your shoes, I would take the job description, analyze it for desired competencies (and given the freedom of information act you may be able find some giveaway stuff) and then construct work experience stories that support your ability to perform these compentencies. And when I say construct, I mean get your words together--don't make them up.

Best wishes for a kick-ass interview.
@2018-07-31 08:57:18
I'd bet a few dollars this will be a 'behavioral type interview'. Which means essentially that the questions are phrased a bit like this:

"Give me an example of a time when you've demonstrated tenacity"( or x)

And your response is supposed to model your experiences around a desired objective answer.

They're hard to fake, but they're great for people who have actually done something rather than resume padded geeks.

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