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@2010-02-20 14:07:01
For a third-round interview, I will be required to give a presentation about a current business issue which relates to the activities of global banks. I have thought about a few different subjects I could speak about, but I just wonder if anyone can give me any ideas if I want to impress the hell of out this guys.
@2010-02-21 22:56:52
America's current account deficit and it's implications on a global recovery and currency hedges.
@2010-02-23 17:24:44
How about "Asset Liability Management" in an era of lower interest rates where refinancing (in the Asset side of Banks' B/S) is rampant and how to deal with this.
How about NPL(Non-performing loans) with Global banks in Asia esp. with the post-Asian Crisis?
How about Banking crisis in Japan? Also, the recent policy change that the Central Bank will buy shares from the banks to boost their prices.You can cooly comment on them..
Will let ya know if anything else comes up..........
@2010-03-24 06:16:02
If you want an impressive presentation.
1 - Decide on a topic
2 - Discuss and focus on two to four issues within the topic
3 - Stay focussed and make sure whatever you discuss is tied in together.
This means stay on topic and do not wander and you will do fine.
@2010-04-07 17:37:57
Hey Lara,

A good topic to discuss would be the current state of banking in the developed world and the potentials that the developing world holds for the banking industry. You could make your point that the developed world's banking industry is saturated and it is increasingly hard to get the returns that were once possible and that the developing world has a wealth of opportunity for the banks that can spot opportunities early.

You could also discuss the current ethical standards being conformed to by the big name corporations and the role of banks. With the Enrons and the worldcoms the public has lost confidence in corporate America which has / will in turn effect the banking industry as a whole. If corporations die at the rate they are will banks follow suit?

Hope this helps!! Good luck and remember what happens happens for the best!!

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