AuthorTopic: Inverse function for Texas Ball 2
@2014-12-15 03:14:14
Hi all,

e.g. 3.333 to the power of 1/30 is 1.04...Which is correct and also derived from other financial calculator.

But I am not able to inverse the 30 with Texas calculator.

Please advise anyone.

Thank you

@2014-12-17 00:13:28
for TI calculato, what you have to do is divide 1 by 30, you get 0.033.
then on texas calcuator you press 3.3333 then Yx function and then 0.033 .
@2014-12-26 01:49:15
or you could:

enter the value: 3.333
then: Yx function
then enter: 30
then: 1/x function

to get: 1.0409
@2015-01-28 10:34:01

Can anyone suggest which calculator is better to buy HP or Texas?

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