AuthorTopic: Is 63% a pass ??
@2007-06-03 00:40:31
just curious about it and also anxious. There is no guarentee but I think I can hit around 63% for level1 Is it a Pass or Fail???

@2007-06-03 03:21:43
i think that would be a fail.
@2007-06-03 05:25:15
you might be ok, I understand it's based on 70% of the top 10% candidates' scores, and that it's been 58%-62% before, not sure when exactly.
@2007-06-03 05:48:09
yeah i think it would also be a fail ...i think 70% is pass with flying colours while 66% depends on ur lucky stars :)
@2007-06-04 02:48:01
The curve is 70% of the top 1% of the scores...
@2007-06-04 17:05:50
I read somewhere in CFA website that they make an average between 70 % of top 1%, 70 % of top 10 % and 70 % of questions correct. Something weird. In my opinion, you have to consider that by odds, you can get 25 % even if you haven't studied. Thus, you should consider 60 out of 240 out (they depend only on luck) --> as you estimate 63 % right, it means 151 questions. Discounting 60 questions, you have 91 questions correct out of 180 --> really a 51 % --> borderline. However, estimations are useless when you have noting to compare with. Enjoy these two months and let's wait!!

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