AuthorTopic: Is AnalystNotes Level 1 Notes enough?
@2010-02-10 12:39:44
Hi all..
I was wondering if online notes and exams that are available on is really enough for me to pass CFA level 1 exam.
I do have extensive math background and some economics stuff.. But I do not have a good knowledge in accountings etc...
Your comment will be very appriciated.

PS: I am from Toronto Canada, and work/live in downtown toronto, if any of you wanna get together and study ..
@2010-02-26 13:55:14
CFA is a professional exam and AnalystNotes notes can be used as a revision material. Reading textbooks are always a better approach. But AnalystNotes notes are very well written and a bit condensed.

Always the choice is yours and how much time you have got, it depends on that.
@2010-03-24 08:01:17
Are the products offered by useful in preparing you for the exam?

I need to rely SOLELY on any notes I purchase for a few Study sessions as I do not have the books and my undergrad Corporate Finance notes I stupidly gave away.

Same for Fixed income and the last few sessions.

Questions are a bonus indeed, with online answers, but the notes have to be correct.
@2010-04-11 15:27:42
In my opinion the choice of provider is perhaps not critical at level 1 ... as long as you are prepared to put the hours in doing as many questions as possible prior to the exam - this I think is the key.

So ... I would not worry too much for Level 1 and just do all the available questions whatever the provider, then try and compare your providers notes with another if you can and then make a decision after the exam which you thought 'called' the exam better FOR YOU. Then you 've got an informed decision for the critical Level 2.

Just my thoughts ....
@2010-05-25 06:54:54
The notes here for Level 1 were fine. You need to supplement them with something, but you can catch on to most of the ideas from those notes.

Level 2 I'm using the books a bit more (I didn't buy anything for level one except this), especially for asset valuations.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu