AuthorTopic: Is anybody struggling with the amount of material
@2015-04-24 11:14:05
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone is actually having trouble remembering the materials. Yes I know, if you want to pass, then you should 'understand' the material. However even if you have understood it, I still reckon that there are heaps of stuff that one is likely to forget, i.e. convexity formulas or how many years do you need to retain client records. So what do you guys think?

Also, there is an article on CFA website that talks about tips on passing CFA exams. The guy said 70% is a good mark. I just wonder what is a pass mark?
@2015-04-26 15:21:16
I assume the pass mark is the number of questions you've answered correctly divided by the total number of questions in the exam.
@2015-04-28 03:38:23
Yeah I know that. What I'm asking specifically, and I know I won't get a proper answer is that, what range should the pass mark be. I talked to my professor (who is a CFA charter holder, and he says it is around 60%-70%).
@2015-04-29 10:04:37
Does it matter? You're probably going to take the test anyway, try to get as good a score as possible. I read somewhere, I don't recall where, but it might have been on Schweser or Stalla or some similar site that you shouldn't give up practicing from the computerized question bank until you score about (as I recall it) 70-80% or thereabout. I printed the note, and looked it up. It says you should readdress areas where you receive grades below 80%. Maybe that will be the equivalent to taking the real test with pass marks of 60-70%, since you take that test later, and cannot use short-term memory as you can when studying in front of the computer.... I'm just guessing here... maybe someone else knows?
@2019-06-26 10:58:26
Having passed level I last year, and struggling to remember all the stuff for Level II this year studying for the CFA always reminds of the "Far Side" cartoon where the student puts his hand up and says "May I be excused, my brain is full". I literally feel like formulas and concepts are continually leaking out of my head and I have to push them back in with my hands!

I don't actually know what the pass rate is but I read 70% as well. I've also heard they take the score achieved by the top 1% of candidates and make the pass mark 70% of that (& therefore to be certain of passing you need to get 70%).

Good luck studying!!

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt