AuthorTopic: is BA II Plus a "programmable" calculator?
@2018-05-21 03:49:42
The official calculator policy from my university state.

"Non-programmable calculators with no text-retrieval capacity are allowed.
Calculators that have a full alphabet on the keyboard are not allowed."

That is the only information the university would give regarding to calculator, there is no list of approved of calculators or anything. And as you can see the statement is vague regarding to what is programmable, the only clue it gives is the input and output of texts.

I asked the professor of the faculty about the acceptability of BA II plus in exams, he simply reply that "if the calculator is programmable, then no" and repeated the university policy. So it obvious that he does not know about the BA II plus and I am here confused about whether the BA II plus is "programmable", and it is left to my interpretation.

@2018-06-02 12:27:42
Guess you won't be hired for any of your skills. Do you even know what the term "programmable" means? Did you even bother looking at the calculator before you asked? If you google "is the ti ba 2 plus programmable", the second link says "Good news! the TI BA II Plus Calculator is NON-PROGRAMMABLE!!" And Wikipedia has an entry about the Business Analyst Series, and it is not listed under the "programmable" section.

I don't consider the BA II Plus to be a lesser calculator than the HP-12C. Does the HP-12C get better answers than the BA II Plus? Does it calculate the square root of two any faster than the BA II Plus? I don't know how to use RPN, and I have no desire to learn.

Once you get past the exams, most of your work will be done on Excel.

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