@2017-06-02 03:24:33

Have a bachelors degree in engineering from india and currently in canada. All the knowledge i have about investments is practical. I want to know what are my chances of attaining a CFA in a descent timeframe.I have no financial experience.I can take up an MBA but trying to manage this with CFA level 1 exam would be too much I believe. I have had enterprenuership experience and a general knowhow of financial topics.

All you people have been in this field for long time. Can you please lend me a helping hand by guiding me? Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks to all in advance
@2017-06-12 04:43:48
Hi Abhi11, I am in a very similar situation like you are, any one can answer our question?

I am in Vancouver and I will be writing my CFA Level1 in June. The Accounting/Engineering Economics/ Statistic knowledge from my engineering program would be helpful, yet I need to do some serious review on many of these concepts.
@2017-07-04 00:20:11
Hey wilson

besides i am also looking on any certifications which can help me in my personal investment front.I would be glad if anybody here could suggest that too.I would love to do CFA if possible. If not I am willing to put my best foot forward by specializing in trading of derivatives/equities for personal benefits.

Though the CFA and these are entirely different I would definately appreciate an opinion on either or both.

@2017-07-04 13:05:37
Hi abhi,

In canada you can do Canadian securities Course from Canadian Securities Institute. It would definitely help. I have an engineering background, came to Canada in 2004, passed my CFP exam last June. Taking CFA LI this June.
@2017-07-14 20:42:29
Hi ramtor

Ya i have been looking into CSI for things to take up.Have you got first hand knowledge of it? From what I have heard it is more oriented towards professional than personal knowledge. Also I want to know which course would you recommend like DFS,CSC or anything?

I really appreciate. Your response has given me some impetus into having faith in the CSI courses

@2017-07-15 01:27:08
I have an engineering degree from India also. I am pursuing my CFA (currently L2) after I got my MBA and more importantly after gaining some experience in the financial industry. I would advise to have some experience before going for Level 2 & 3 as you need exp. for the charter anyway. Level 1 you can try it out. For me my MBA Acct knowledge was also not good enough for L1. Other options include getting a Series 7 (NASD/NYSE, General Securities) License.

Hope I was helpful!
@2017-07-15 22:42:54

wat do u think of the option of doing DMS(Derivatives market specialist..includes both futures & options licensing) and CFP??? CFA is gonna be a lil too much out of the scope...u have done something in this wat do u think about it...future wise could land me a job if not here maybe in USA or even India?Looking at the cost based issue...wat do u think it would roughly cost?
@2017-08-05 04:14:37
Hi abhi,

I would agree with thinkB re. the financial industry experience. Once you have the CSC, it's a bit easier because you can be licensed as a Mutual Fund Rep in Canada. CSC and CPH(Conduct and Practices) will get you IDA (Investment dealers association), this is a requirement to deal in stocks and bonds.

CFP is more geared towards personal finacial planning. Investments is only a part of it.

It's my opinion that to be marketable jobwise in US or India, CFA would definitely be the way to go.

Hope this helps...
@2018-10-23 06:57:34
thinkb, ramtor

Plz accept my personal appreciation for your responses.So wat i m getting to is do a CSC + CPH and IDA ......find a financial job and do my CFA level 1 simultaneously.Please correct me if i m wrong.

Sounds reasonable.I admit its gonna be tough but the thing is once I can decide to a path I am geared for it.Another thing is will zero financial experience be a major hinderance? Neways i think its worth it coz as u know RAMTOR the engineering situation is pretty bleak.

Also please suggest any more courses which could aid me like some other CSI courses.THINKB you have an MBA so ur if not a couple atleast a step ahead of me in regards to finance.

Once again thanks guys for your guidance.Please provide me with any more info if possible


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