AuthorTopic: Is cfa an add on and not a degree on its own that can fetch a jo
@2020-01-18 08:14:35
I have a BBA, MBA, and DBA... and I can tell that you learn almost nothing (of practical utility) in any of those.

And 2 months in CFA preparation, I already know it teaches you much more.

So if I was recruiting, CFA would be a better indicator of competence than MBA or DBA.
@2020-02-01 13:53:19
Well, it also depends which MBA you have. I'd bet my left nut that MBA from Harvard or Wharton weighs way more than CFA when applying for jobs. Then again 6-month online "MBA" from your local community college probably doesn't mean shit for recruiters.
@2020-02-04 18:51:07
For me it came down to this. I weighed doing an mba and going BACK to school vs something that is totally self study and independent and said there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell I wanted to go back to "school"... combined with the "awe" and "majesty" that I had for the CFA program since I heard it was the toughest thing you could ever do on Wall Street. So, I went with what I thought all the BSD’s were doing and took CFA.

And the results? Well, the day I passed level 1 was the same day I took my last sandwich delivery (or so I thought, my best friend owns a cheesesteak restaurant and sometimes has to fire his delivery drivers and I’ll help him out occasionally).

it comes down to the fact that passing these exams doesn't HURT you in your job search, but saying it guarantees you a job is likely built off spurious correlations.

what REALLY helps is when your dad owns a dealership... I'm set for life boyos.

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