AuthorTopic: Is CFA important in Uk?
@2017-07-31 07:15:11
Anyone knows if the Uk employers take into account the CFA? I'm from Spain, and I'm thinking in preparing the CFA level 1, but here It is not so known. Do you think this would help me in the future for getting a job in Usa or Uk? Or would it be better to do a master in finance?
Thanks a lot
@2017-08-25 17:17:23
According to a recent CFA Institute press release, the answer is yes. See part of the report below

Impact of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation on Compensation

The 2010 study once again illustrated that employers are willing to pay a premium for investment professionals who have earned the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Among those with 10 years experience or more, those with the CFA designation out-earn their peers without the charter by 24 percent (median of $248,000 vs. $200,000). The gap is even wider among all respondents, regardless of levels of experience; those with the CFA designation command compensation levels 54 percent higher than those without it ($180,000 vs. $116,850). As for the value of the CFA designation compared to an M.B.A., the study shows that for professionals with 10 years experience or more, those with the CFA designation out-earn those with only an M.B.A. by 18 percent (median of $236,510 vs. $200,000); however, the combination of the charter and an M.B.A. ultimately proves to the most lucrative educational mix (median of $255,000).

"Employers recognize the value of the CFA charter because it's a measure of both competence and integrity," said Bob Johnson, PhD, CFA, managing director at CFA Institute. "Those are difficult qualities to measure, but when investment professionals have voluntarily subjected themselves to the profession's most rigorous examination process, and succeeded, that obviously sends an important message to employers."

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