AuthorTopic: Is CFA worth it?
@2010-07-25 13:33:03
I'm just a fresh grad in Finance & currently unemployed in the poorest & most miserable country called the Philippines!
Due to the lack of opportunities for a finance graduate. I'm torn between taking another course like accounting & later take CPA or take CFA!

CFA lvl. 1 is a bit of pain especially if only 34% can pass & even if u pass the examination in lvl 1. It can't assure that I get a rise or make me more qualified than a CPA graduate!

34% pass'g rate is like passing thru a needle of sewwing maching! Could anyone here convince me that passing thru a needle is worth it? or is it just a fancy addition to ur name?
@2010-07-25 14:09:58
Tope, if you ever consider any South East Asia markets for better and more career opportunites, you may consider Singapore or Malaysia. This is particularly in Malaysia, the demand for CFA charterholder (fund managers, assest managers, stock analyst, portfolio managers, CIO, CEO and etc.) is incredibly magnificent as the local market has been moving towards a strong and matured money market. It's just my two-cents worth idea. Good luck man.
@2010-07-25 14:19:01
But wud u recommend a fresh grad 2 take CFA?
@2010-10-06 23:11:40
Tape, it's highly depended on the demand and requirement for CFA designation in your country. Most of the investment companies (in fact all of them), however need CFA holders for being their investment proffesionals. There's a value in CFA, but would you invest some money and time on the "time & money consumed papers"? It's another question whether you have the ability to cope well in the CFA exam format because their study syllabus is terribly alot. What say you, Tape?
@2010-10-16 07:39:39
Hey my name is TOPE T-O-P-E!!! BTW u haven't answer my previous question which is "wud u recommend a fresh grad 2 take CFA?".
My name is Tope not Tape okey Keebot!!!
@2010-11-26 16:11:02
sorry for spelling your name wrongly, Tope. Hope you don't mind.
Yes, I will say it's a very wise idea to take CFA if you really want to become an investment proffesional.
All the best to you.
@2015-05-15 12:20:57
tape, you're an idiot. and you have a shitty name.

besides that, get the hell out of pino country and move to singapore or HK, get an entry level job, work at it and study, after about 4-5 years of work and the CFA, you can write your own ticket.

besides that, you still have a dumb name.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz