AuthorTopic: Is CFA worthwhile under my circumstances? Difficult to get experience?
@2018-12-13 06:55:33
Hi all,

I am a Bsc. in Applied Computing (Honours) student. I will have completed three years out of four this coming August once I sit two exams I need to pass (I have taken some time out of the course). I am not Interested in it, nor do I enjoy the course and struggle with programming (even more so after the time out), so I do not wish to complete it unless necessary. If I were to leave after completing 3 out of the 4 years, I would have an ordinary level bachelors

I am interested in trading and portfolio management, so I am exploring the CFA avenue. What I am wondering is, how difficult would it be to get finance related work experience with my ordinary bachelors in Applied Computing, along with say, being a level 1/2 CFA candidate. Obviously getting experience is key to success. I wouldn't mind doing an intern or fellowship of sorts - even if it was unpaid - for a year. What do you think my chances are given what I’ve mentioned to now?

Secondly, assuming I pass all three levels and get a couple of years of related work experience, would I be able to get a decently paid, finance related job? Or would I need to slog it out until I obtain chartered status?

Surely once I obtain chartered status, getting a well paid job shouldn't be much of an issue?

Thanking you all in advance.

CFA Discussion Topic: Is CFA worthwhile under my circumstances? Difficult to get experience?

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