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@2013-11-01 19:00:46
I am taking my level 1 next year. I have been told it is really really hard to pass level one. Is that true if i study enough is my chances good.
@2013-11-11 09:42:15
it is not hard.
If you have a basic understanding on finance, here is the 10 steps to pass level 1:

1. Read Ethics
2. Learn how to use the calculator efficiently
3. Do 3000+ questions once
4. READ THROUGH the 3000+ questions (including the ones that you got right)
5. Do them again
6. understand those you got wrong the second time
7. Do them again
8. Enough sleep the night before (8-10hrs)
9. Go to the Exam on time

However, you will learn nothing from level 1.
@2013-11-12 09:26:45
Yep, Level I is a volume game... Just put in enough hours and you can pass. Good luck!
@2013-11-17 22:19:17
Do the questions from the textbook. You should also read the textbooks if you have enough time but at a minimum do the questions.
@2014-01-09 21:41:19

I am new to this forum.
I have planed to give CFA level 1 june 2014.
Currently i am working as a functional analyst in SCB singapore.

can any one guide me the right way to start preparation.
@2014-01-10 01:59:31
Hey, I've withdrawn from the June 2014 examination. Does anyone know if the textbook for June 2014 is still usable for exam prep in June 2015?
@2014-01-12 12:32:57
@callixtus ... Truely speaking no. They change 25-30% syllabus every year. So if you have June 2014 books that you can use for December 2014 but not for the coming June 2015. However, you can start refering those old materials for your preperations until you can register for June2015 or Dec2015.
@2017-02-16 08:22:06

What questions do you recommend? Questions from the textbook? how many are there?

Questions from Schweser?

Questions from Analyst Notes?

@2019-04-08 05:37:14
Analyst notes is good
schweser will give u a false sense of satisfaction on how easy level 1 is (even though level 1 is pretty darn easy, schweser end of chapter questions is tooo dam simple and a waste of time .
I referred institute materials and studied for 2 and a half months before passing level 1 .

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!