AuthorTopic: Is It real to change to
@2014-07-28 20:12:13
On the CFA site there is a post theat you can register and pay $100 to manually retabulate your exam and probably change grade. Is it really work or not? Who has changed their grades by this?
@2014-07-28 22:52:18
Hey, who Failed? Don't you wish to change grade? if it is possible or its unreal?
@2014-07-29 22:44:17
No its not real
@2014-07-30 09:39:44
Why not? Can you explain please. Did you try?
@2015-05-05 07:07:11
I believe that they will only change your score if they find that a mistake has been made during the automatic grading of your test.
My guess is that there would be slim to no chance of moving from a fail to a pass using this process.

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