AuthorTopic: Is it too late to start?
@2017-09-01 22:09:53

As the name implies, I'm torn between the MBA and CFA. I signed up for the December exam but have fallen behind on studying since I took the GMAT earlier this month.

My background is a bachelor degree in history (Top 10 Online University) with a solid understanding of finance (my sister works in accounts receivables). Likewise, I'm an avid equestrian which, alone, illustrates my comprehension of the finer things in life.

I'd like to sit for the December exam since the entrance fee is now a sunk cost. How many days should I allocate? Should I order AnalystNotes online package or the pro package?

Anyone have a comprehensive formula sheet to share?
@2017-10-02 04:43:22
Just read the LOS and you'll be fine - you'll want to be sure to reference your love of all things equestrian on your resume, which you should bring and have printed on the finest parchment.

At least get the analystnotes online package. $69 is nothing compared to other prep providers' fees.

I prefer calculators that are solar powered - you hedge against the risk of battery failure that way. Make sure it can multiply.

Good luck in your MBA, and props for the top 10 education - that will help dramatically with the FSA section.
@2017-10-22 16:39:08
Too late or not too late is a relative term. If you think you can devote at least 250 to 300 hrs reading the material before Dec exam then it's not too late. That being said, it means approx 15hrs of study breaks. Weigh your options, there is no harm in trying...worst case scenario, you won't make it - which will be the scenario if you don't sit in the exam - so why not give it a shot. My sincere suggestion - get started immediately.

PS: AnalystPro is probably your best option.

Good Luck
@2019-03-30 09:09:44
Hope you did fine. In June we'll knock out L2.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach