AuthorTopic: is MBA even respected in investment management?
@2018-05-11 14:03:41
I recently got passed over for a job because the other guy was a CFA Level 3 candidate. That's the reason they gave me. Instead of my CFA, I pursued my Master's in a quantitative subject while working which has helped land some interviews and it took me about 2 years to complete. The other guy only had a Bachelors. I also did not know which career path I wanted to go towards so I didn't commit to the CFA program earlier. I have enough experience to get into a MBA program (hoping to gain a better network, brand, and a versatile degree) but I'm wondering if it's even worth the money. Do advanced degrees in this industry even carry any weight? While the MS degree that I have does help open some doors, but I'm somewhat regretting that I didn't go for the CFA instead as it seems to be held in much higher regard than any advanced degree.
@2018-05-19 01:21:36
If you already have a Master, i don't think going for an MBA is a good idea?

While i think your situation is only an one-off case, there are definitely employers prefer hiring CFA charterholders or candidates and there are others prefer hiring MBA grads.

So it depends on the firm and i wouldn't say there is an absolute advantage either way.

You don't have to regret not going for the CFA because you can always start now!
@2018-05-28 05:36:20
MBAs are lame. Most only have 2-3 classes of basic finance. It is a very soft degree in my opinion in terms of actual learning. However, if you get into a top 10-20 program, it will pay off due to the signal that you are smart and will have good networking. Anything less than a top 20 program is a waste of time.
@2018-06-04 19:51:51
Only good for networking/transitioning. Top 5 might be a little more impressive.

These days anyone can get an MBA. You already have a masters, they know you are book smart. Finish the CFA and show them you are dedicated to the investment profession.

CFA opened doors for me that were closed. Never considered an MBA due to cost and time. CFA cheaper and more respected, IMO. Know another guy in same boat as me who went MBA route. He is now a realtor and miserable because he couldn't differentiate himself from hundreds of other generic MBAs when he tried to break into the investment profession.

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