AuthorTopic: Is my approach for level 1 prep right?
@2006-06-11 21:13:32
I am sitting the CFA level 1 exam in December. My original plan was to make my own study notes for each session using this site's study notes and the textbooks. I wanted my study notes to total 150-200 A4 sides (about 10 sides per study session - which I think is reasonable). I then planned to spend the last 6 weeks memorizing my 150-200 sides of notes and doing as many exam questions as possible.

This is IMPOSSIBLE as I have found out. If you give yourself 1 week per study session to go through the material (in Schweser and the textbooks) and make notes then that means that you have to read about 150-200 pages per week. That is at least 25 sides per night (giving myself 3 hours of study per night). I think this is not possible - You can maybe read that much material, but NO WAY understand and retain it.

I have given up using the textbooks and now am only using analystnotes. I have basically had to choose between [1] knowing specific that are likely to come up throughly [i.e. use analystnotes] OR [2] Read a vast amount of information, but not be able to properly summarise and retain it (use the textbooks - Merely reading all the textbooks is a challenge , forget about summarising and retaining it). I will risk the exam with the former approach.

I do not believe that exams are passed by merely reading material a couple of times and then trying to retain it - If a read a given study session today and do not make my own note when I come to review the material in Nov I feel it will be like starting at the beginning again.

I would be interested to know what other people think of the above, particulary those of you who have recently sat level 1.

@2006-06-12 18:16:21
I feel almost like a broken record sometimes but I think I had similar questions at the beginning (so will be more than happy to help...) and am completely surprised at people who do not take the initiative to search for answers to all their questions, it might actually enhance the workings of your brain. They've all been asked and in searching you'll find a string of other answers to questions you may not have thought of asking.

Anyhow. You have a bit over 6 months right now, not sure how far you've gotten but you're not going to finish all the text as per LOS.

The LOS is clearly stated and analystnotes goes thru the LOS as is, it'll answer the questions address the different concepts. So do that and hit the text for things you feel confused about. Definitely read the financial statements text just because it is worth a larger percentage on the exam.

No the exam is not passed by merely reading the material. It's about memory retention, it's about putting time into practice exams. It's about THINKING intelligently and logically about inter-related concepts....

good luck
@2006-09-25 07:56:23
I dont think your approach enabling yu to pass the exam; but do your best in the last minute.
@2006-10-20 02:45:02
I'm in reveiwing and do the mock exam, could you please kindly advise, where I can get free trial tests for level 1 in Dec 06

Thank you guys in millions


Thanh Huong
@2006-10-30 08:21:41
Hi All,

I have registered for CFA Level 1 June 2007 and bought CFA institute material. Do i need to refer some other material or CFA institute material is sufficient.

Please help on this and give me some tips regarding preparation.

@2006-10-31 15:40:32
Hi Ravin,

wanna ask you how do you find the CFA materials?
@2006-10-31 15:42:24
I have also just registered. We could form a group ? What do you say??
@2007-06-09 17:32:54
is 5 Months enough time to prep for the CFA level 1 test? Assuming I work, but otherwise willing to have no social life?

I have a MBA, graduated in 04' and I work for JPMorgan in securities related work.
@2012-04-09 16:51:04
Hey guys! I'm new here & I privation to learn more !
@2018-10-31 09:58:34

I am brand new to this forum and just had the urge to introduce myself and say "hello".

Finally a solid site with font that I can stare at all day - which is a refreshing change!

I am here to learn & get involved. How could I best contribute?


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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach