AuthorTopic: Is now too soon/late to start?
@2018-03-28 18:02:21
I've been asked numerous times. is it too late to start for the June or too soon for the December? What do you all think?
@2018-03-30 03:16:16
Its never too soon! For being late - depends on background and time at hand!

when you start threads like this, you have to tell people what you currently do all day.

"I'm unemployed at home" gives a massively different answer than "I'm a banker working 100 hrs a week"
@2018-04-29 12:24:33
CFAI recommends 250 hours of study. I think this is a reasonable estimate for most people. You can decide yourself if you can put in these hours before June.

I would say "too late"! Take it easy, register for December!

CFA Discussion Topic: Is now too soon/late to start?

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Andrea Schildbach