AuthorTopic: Is the CFA Curriculum WORTH READING?
@2016-07-08 06:53:54
I'm taking the Dec. 2016 test. I just got the CFA Curriculum text and the AnalystNotes analyst pro package.

Obviously my priority is with the AnalystNotes' ebook. Is the CFA Curriculum textbooks even worth reading? (I work full-time and working on my MBA part-time in the evenings.)

Is the CFA Curriculum WORTH READING?
@2016-07-09 09:01:45
If you have time, they are worth reading. Working full-time plus doing an MBA - your plate is already pretty full. You probably won't have time to read them anyway. I didn't get the books for Level 1 or Level 2. I did get them for Level 3 but I didn't read them (except for the handbook and two short ones on behavioural finance). Ya should find time to read the ethics source material.

I used analystnotes materials too but I think the CFA books could be a good source of reference. If ya get stuck on something, you can refer to the source. However, when I got snagged on anything, I just googled it instead of looking it up anyway.

Basically, go with the study notes until you need something more. Time probably won't be your friend.

Good luck
@2016-07-09 18:27:21
I think the CFA books are worth reading, but concentrate this site' study notes first. They help you focus on the parts that are most likely to be tested. Then, go through the CFA books with whatever time is left over. I find that the CFA books give you more context and feel for the issues covered, but they don't cue you in as well on parts to focus on. Then again, I was an academic in a previous life and so go for slightly wordier, more in-depth treatments.

The CFA books are really really wordy too, and take a while to read. I'm now going over some of the PM stuff though, because I think it's useful.
@2016-07-18 19:43:23
In the cfa curriculum syllabus, it states that prepatory classes and notes should only be utilized as supplements to the atual cfa curriculum text. i just figured they made their textbooks sound critical to the successful passing of the exam because they wanted to generate more revenue by selling those darn books.

then again you never know. i just want opinions. i hear some people didnt even look at the cfa curriculum text and passed by going with either schweser or analystnotes.
@2016-08-03 13:39:23
Absolutely, the curriculum is worth reading. It is wordy and takes a while to get through, but it really helps wrap up complex subjects. Also, some of the level I exam questions were not covered in the Analyst Notes, notes.
@2017-09-13 08:22:44
Since you are working on your MBA you likely have some finance background and just doing AN might suffice for you. In general, the weaker your background the more you need to rely on the CFAI material--it is dense to wade through, but if you do not understand the material no study guide is going to be adequate.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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