AuthorTopic: is the CFA level 1 exam harsh?
@2017-05-26 17:00:00
I am an undergraduate engineering student with little finance and accounting background. I am interested in investing and I would like to apply the CFA level1 exam in the next year(June). Since I do not have much finance and accounting knowledge, I am afraid that I cannot pass it...Can anyone give me some suggestions if it's good for me to apply it?
@2017-06-18 18:51:00
I would say take your time to enjoy your engineering degree first. Work in that field a year or two. Then consider CFA or MBA. The way I see it is CFA won't be an uphill battle if you ENJOY learning Finance and Economics.

@2017-07-23 10:09:00
well, i encourage u to do it, but u must know that the cfa is not for every one, y have to be familiarised with a lot of management tools, i advice to follow some preparatory courses!
good luck!

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