AuthorTopic: Is the CFA overhyped
@2019-08-13 15:48:39
See the title.
@2019-08-15 15:57:54
Overhyped: Facebook, Netflix, China, Greece, The Kardashians/Genners, Doritos.

Not Overhyped: CFA, CPA, CIO, CFO, CEO, Paycheck, Inheritance, Family time, Vacation, Cabo, Sushi.
@2019-09-05 11:58:07
The person carrying the charter is much more indicative of quality.

I would say that the bottom 10% of charterholders are pretty mediocre when it comes to finance, and might have marginally related investment decision jobs, if that’s even possible with the charter requirements.

Similarly, the top 10% in the finance non-CFA world are probably more successful than the top 10% charterholders.

All speculation, let’s not say better. But more or less the same. It might add value to your average employee, but look at the person, not the name.

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