AuthorTopic: Is the Study Guide really IMPORTANT?
@2019-02-13 14:02:29
I wonder as to the importance of Study Guides due to the following reasons:

1. LOS is anyway going to be there on the notes

2. The student does not care if it is changed or not. He has to study the current LOS which is there in the Notes.

Personally I never had a serious look at my L 1 study guide. In fact in the notes, LOS are better arranged according to the topics.

Study Guides, in my opinion, are meant for Prep Course Providers and not for students (who, of course, buy notes)

Do you guys agree with me?

@2019-03-08 19:43:06
I passed L1 in first try. Used analystnotes' notes only, never looked at the study guide/textbook. Agreed that study guide is for the providers or those who use textbooks.

Unsure about L2 or 3, will see.

Good luck to all

@2019-05-06 06:07:51
I passed all three levels first attempt, the only supplementary prep material I used was pratice questions from analystnotes.

I never missed study guides from prep providers, but I think you should not underestimate the importance of creating your own study plan - this should be built based on your experience and knowledge within each subject, and what you find easy or difficult. No one knows this better than yourself anyway, and a very high-level two-hour browsing through the entire curriculum should give you a good indication of what is easy and what is difficult for you.

I created my study plan as follows:

- For areas that were all new to me and/or I found difficult, I read them early in the study period (for me the most prominant ones were financial statement analysis, economics, and the level II equity asset valuation)

- For areas where I was experienced and/or were easy for me, I read them late in the study period (for me it was quant, fixed income, derivatives and parts of corporate finance)

- And for ethics, I did NOT follow the usual advice to read it towards the very end. I intertwined ethics readings and questions between other subjects through the entire study period because I knew that ethics can be tricky and I would need time to soak the stuff into my brain. My exam performance in ethics was not brilliant, it was sort of okay, and most importantly it was sufficient to make me pass the exams.

- The last month is reserved exclusively for mock exams, practice questions, and to the extent it is necessary re-readings of the curriculum.

Best of luck

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