AuthorTopic: Is the work experience requirement to get the CFA charter a joke?
@2016-09-03 04:08:23
I am still a candidate for the CFA charter but I saw that an Operations Analyst who does pure back office work received the approved work experience. There's also someone who works as an Accountant of an Investment Firm who obtained it. It looks to me that the work experience is somewhat of a joke and not be taken seriously.
@2016-09-03 09:00:07
Yes. And the charter is a joke too. The mason laying bricks down the road from my home has a CFA Charter.
@2016-09-05 05:15:25
In all seriousness, the work experience review is nowhere as stringent as I'd hope it to be. I've known too many charterholders who have their experiences approved even when they had absolutely nothing to do with providing analysis for investment decisions. Those include back office experiences as OP stated to auditing experiences at an accounting firm. Reference check is a joke too. If you had worked 2 years in company A and another 2 years in company B, you could get your references just from two people in company B (if one of them is a CFA charterholder).

The result of this could be devastating as CFA Institute continues to approve all these charterholders with no actual investment analysis experiences who will only go out there to paint negative images for other charterholders.
@2017-09-10 20:51:04
well it depends on what you want the charter to be? It sounds like you only want it to be for asset management and ER only. Those are not the only occupations that use the CFA curriculum or may find it relevant. That's like saying only an auditor should be allowed to qualify for the CPA. there are plenty of uses for each of the credential. blocking off a huge chunk of people just makes it less relevant.

CFA Discussion Topic: Is the work experience requirement to get the CFA charter a joke?

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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