AuthorTopic: Is there any hope or only failure in my life?
@2017-12-09 09:24:19
I have posted one month ago with the topic name "I am in deep deep trouble" on analyst forum and I was struggling at that time. After that up to the exam (4th DEC 2016) I had studied consistently for 14-16 hrs a day.

I have completed the whole paper but there is a feeling that I’ll not pass due to some rookie mistakes.

I have seen only failure after failure and if I fail this time my whole family will curse me.

I have given approximately 2.5 months to CFA level 1 but I covered and revise the whole curriculum and 2000 + of questions but I am not sure what to expect of the results.
@2017-12-12 00:52:40
2.5 months for L1 is not enough, if you want to build a good base for the next levels, I advice you to study more time and relaxed. To study 14-16 hours a day is just a waste of time and effort, seriously, unless your only goal is to remember things and not to understand things.

You won't be cursed, I assure you.
@2017-12-25 20:22:09
Mate, I can understand that you are feeling despair, however it’s somewhat misplaced for the time being given that you don't even know if you have failed yet!

Most importantly, this is just an exam. Nothing more - not receiving a pass in January does not mean that you will have nothing but failure in your life, why would you think that? If you do fail, and you really want this designation, pick yourself back up and take it again. You will feel all the more accomplished for having truly worked for the achievement.

As anzoumpou mentioned, 2.5 months is absolutely not enough time. Sure, some people would have achieved it, but there is no way that you would truly be learning the material in this time frame. People who pass within such a window of time must be coming from a strong accounting/finance background, with more than a dash of luck thrown on top. There is absolutely no way that you can properly read all of the material and then still have enough time to review and complete practice questions in such a short period. If you fail, learn from your mistake and correct it for June 2017.

Keep your fingers crossed, you're not out of the race yet.
@2018-05-08 11:57:53
Here I come again, June 2018 level 1 exam. I feel pretty strong after cracking analystnotes' 7 mock exams (3 more to go). I heard from people passed that they are the toughest on the market.

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