AuthorTopic: Is this a violation?
@2008-07-12 13:57:17
I recently saw a resume which read the following. Under the job applicants education it read the following:

Masters of Business Administration
University of XYZ, School of Business

Bachelors in Arts
University of XYZ

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation
Passed Level I

To me this looks like a violation because it implies the job applicant has a partial designation. Any thoughts on this one? I wouldn’t want to make a similar blunder.
@2008-07-14 05:46:18
Well you are allowed to say things like "I have passed level 1" based on the examples in the materials. It might be better to use "Program" instead of "Designation". I think that person might be gulity of awkward phrasing more than an outright violation.

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