AuthorTopic: Is this the violation of CFA code?
@2020-01-19 03:43:18
Would it be a violation of the code of ethics if a CFA charterholder who is a portfolio manager, decided to show clients a different time period of returns based on the current performance. So if for example the past 6 months was good for a clients account they would show performance for 6 months, but if the past 6 months was poor, but then the past month was good, they would show just one month performance instead? To me this is very unethical but I am wondering what others think.
@2020-01-21 22:16:45
We have a competitor that does this. I have never seen a CFA Charterholder at that firm.

We have pointed out their moving timeframes to clients. They are always annoyed,

CFA Discussion Topic: Is this the violation of CFA code?

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