AuthorTopic: Is three months enough to pass the exam?
@2014-03-15 21:09:33
I just started to study for the June exam and I know that it is late. But right know I am unemployed, so I have plenty of time. I wondered if there are people who succeed in such a short time, do you think is there a possibility for me to pass the exam? And my last question, when someone fails does this affect something for the rest of his/her career? I know that this is a funny question but I am so new in this whole CFA thing.
@2014-04-08 15:39:54
Sure, that should be enough time since you're unemployed. But it also depends on your experience.

I've done the L1 in 2.5 mo and I was working full time (but the job was not that demanding, hours wise). I would definitely recommend more time to do this- I am now taking about 6 months to prepare for L3 but also my present job is now much more demanding.

Good luck anyhow!
@2014-04-16 08:36:02
yes, its enough time I think - if you clock 6-8 hours a day (like you would in a 9-5 job) then you should do it not problem.
@2014-04-19 14:04:03
If you are unemployed and can dedicate the bulk of your time to studying, you can definitely pass in June.

Most people here who study every day usually average no more than 3 hrs/day during the week and 8 hrs/day on the weekends.

With no job, every day is like a weekend day to you. It won't take much time at all to catch up and surpass others, but you need to put the time in.
@2014-04-25 17:46:34
Yes you can. I know somebody who used about two full months to study and passed. Your passing by studying within a short time will also depend on your background.
@2014-04-26 23:43:25

I started out pretty late as well. I got my materials beginning march. Have gone through the course once. Am on the first revision.

What startegies would you people suggest:

1) to do well at the exam.
2) to improve the retainability of the exam
3) any of you could please tell the exam rating methodology, not the topical propotion of questions on the exam

@2014-04-27 09:45:15
What strategy would you suggest for level 2? I am using the CFA book, but find that the questions are not comprehensive. I will use analyst notes questions in addition. But anything else? The key I find, it do practice on questions over and over.
@2014-07-27 19:23:26
Think of what you need to do to pass. Multiply by 3.

Don't go out more than once every 2 weeks.

Tell people you are taking the exam (to put more pressure on yourself)

Don't waste time cooking when you come home. Get microwave food.

Commit. Don't give yourself the option of failing.
@2014-08-05 17:00:00
@huey09: LOL, microwave food...Ok, so lets be real here:

It really depends on your background and if your english is good enough to understand every question at once.

I studied financial mathematics and my english is correct. This allowed me to skip most of the text and to focus on the questions. With this background it took me a total of 80 hrs each to pass Lvl I and II at first try.

Now my sister is actually going for level one, even though she's a lawyer and is pretty intimidated by numbers. For her, it may take a lot longer. She will be studying about one day a week for a year and will probably use another two weeks stuying full-time before the exam. IMO that will get her to pass the exam.

Everyone just has to be honest to himself about his current level of knowledge. If you spend time looking up vocabulary you can't compare yourself to a native speaker.

And most importantly: Don't freak out if people here are (supposedly) studying 3x as much as you do. They might need it more than you do.

Finally, good luck to everybody, that's almost as important as studying ;)
@2018-10-07 12:47:57
I did it in 3 months; it was full-time job however.

Good luck!

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