AuthorTopic: It is over
@2008-12-07 07:19:57
How did you guys find yesterday's exam??
@2008-12-07 07:11:27
I wouldn't go as far to say the test was easy or anything, but i was surprised by the volume of questions that I was able to answer with 100% confidence in a matter of a few seconds. I think that speaks more to being prepared and having good study habits than it does to the relative ease of the test.
@2008-12-07 10:19:13
It was not bad but hard to say it was good!!!
@2008-12-07 11:37:15
I thought most of it was ok, although some of the ethics questions were pretty tough.
@2008-12-07 15:36:11
Agreed: Test wasn't easy. But there were certainly a lot of questions that didn't even take a second thought. I remember other standardized tests having more 'tricks.' Many times, the tricks are obvious for those well prepared. But, most of the CFA test answers didn't even have little tricks involved to separate those that breezed the material from those that read it multiple times.
@2008-12-07 21:12:54
I kicked that test's ass... The Ethics section on the PM was the only section I found somewhat troubling.
@2008-12-08 01:50:06
my feeling is that questions on analystnotes were far more difficult
@2008-12-08 10:12:52
Did anyone think the test had way more 'gimmies' than expected ?
@2008-12-08 10:56:55
Ethics and ecos were bit troublesome...
i thought i had almost everything covered...guess its wait and see
@2008-12-08 11:51:16
some of the 'gimmies' were tricks, so be careful. i thought there were gimmies only to go back, re-read the question, and realized i read it incorrectly.
@2008-12-08 13:13:17
I thought there were a lot of gimmies. I finished the afternoon in around 2:15 looked it over and left. The analystnotes mock exams were much more difficult I think...
@2008-12-09 20:23:28
Yeah, the analystnotes mocks were harder.
Having said that, some of the exam questions were a little tricky.
I guess the fact that many people here thought it was not too bad bodes well for the level of preparedness. I spoke to about 25 people during the break, walking around with stalla notes and some other prep courses notes, and most of them were ready to tear their hair out.
As for the guy who finished and left the afternoon session at 2:15, what time did you start? Our session started at 2 way you were done in 15 minutes.
I was done with the afternoon session at 3:15, and 95% of the people were still writing for a while.
@2008-12-09 21:14:45
I guessed that all found the exam a little bit easier than what we had expected. And that's exactly what makes me nervous! If all do well, the pass/fail must be exceptionally high.
By the way, I agreed that the ethics in PM session was quite troublesome. I spent nearly 1 hour screening and mindstorming to choose the best answer. Frankly speaking, for this PM ethics, there were only 6 questions that I was 100% sure about. And I hoped that God blessed me with the remaining 12 questions.

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