AuthorTopic: Jan 28 - results out
@2009-01-25 14:24:54
scores out in several days! how is everyone feeling? i am far from optimistic. God help me!
@2009-01-25 15:26:48
People cannot see how many times you took the exam (unlike the Bar Exam where JFK failed it like 4x).

Granted I'll still feel dumb if I fail, plenty of super smart people fail this exam. It's not suppose to be easy.
@2009-01-26 08:47:44
I had felt positive right after the exam, and 100% sure I had failed within a week later!

Now I am unsure, but definately leaning more to the fail side....

Making it worse is the people constantly asking "Have you found out about your exam yet?" .... Every time I hear it I think of one more person I may have to tell I failed to....
@2009-01-26 11:02:07
I would pay $50 to get them today! i feel like the exam was three years ago now... don't even remember the general feel of it, so even though i was slightly optimistic i'm starting to get scared now!

Hope they won't be too tough on the pass score...!
@2009-01-28 08:22:21
I passed barely though hahaha I am so happy
@2009-01-28 11:18:18
If it makes you guys feel better, I got 60% based on 40-60-80 and failed. Oh well, back to the books (I used Schweser for preparation) .... do not want to leave any doubt for next time.
@2009-01-29 11:18:11
I passed solidly :) Thanks AnalystNotes!

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