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@2012-07-30 21:31:23
I was wondering what kind/if any job opportunities open up after passing level one. Do employers look upon you favorably or do they only care if you have passed all 3 levels? Ideally I would like to get into investment banking, but I know how challenging that is, especially coming from a sub-par school (UCF). Any insight on this subject will be appreciated. Thanks,

@2012-08-01 14:22:50
Passing level 1 is pretty meaningless. Don't expect to get a $15k+ raise just by passing level 1. Outside employers don't care, until you are a CFA charterholder. However, it may hold a little merit with managment at your current firm.

Believe me on this one, I've been through the whole thing. Keep going though, if you earn the right to use the designation, it'w worth it.
@2012-08-02 22:14:10
Maybe you guys can help me with some career choices. My first idea is after graduation in May, move to NYC and try to find a job up there. Does anyone know what the job market is like for entry level finance position up there? I have decent grades (3.5) and 2 internships (Smith Barney and Colonial Bank). By the time I move up there I hope to have already passed Level 1. My other option is to stay down in Florida, and work some b.s bank job as a credit analyst or something. If anyone knows has any input on these matters it would be greatly appreciated.

@2012-09-04 16:34:30
Passing level I won't get you a large raise but it at least shows propspective employers you are serious about finance. Passing Level II shows that you have the some level of intelligence.
@2012-10-29 06:25:20
Prior to graduating, I had an internship in management consulting. I attended a top 10 undergraduate business program and majored in finance, international business, and computer science. My GPA was around 3.1, but that didn't seem to matter at the time. I've done very well thus far, and it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. I have been at Lehman since I graduated in 2009. I'm not planning to pursue an MBA as I don't think 1) I would learn a great deal more and 2) I don't need to network as I am already at a BB firm and don't wish to move elsewhere. I think the CFA is more appropriate for me and my desired career path.
@2017-12-11 23:56:33
i think it should be concerned by the employer's as icfai will handed u the DBF certification. this is the proof of yr. level of knowledge that field .then by the increased clearance level,u should achieve more better opportunity in yr. career.

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