AuthorTopic: Job Prospect after achieving CFA Level I
@2012-01-04 16:03:33
Hello all:

I don't have a Finance background but would like to make a career switch through doing CFA I, what kind of jobs will I be getting if I just have the CFA I with no Finance background, and what is the expected salary? Thanks.
@2012-01-10 01:43:30

simply compare it 2 ur current salary dont expect anything more .
@2012-01-24 03:33:11
I'm in a similar boat as you and I've been told (apologies in advance) that L1 may get you some interviews but realistically, job offers (for eq research) may be hard to come by. A realistic shot at an eq research position (if thats what you are after) will be more probable after L2. Hope that helps!
@2012-02-10 20:14:00
I don't really think level 1 is a great achievement that would result in rise in your market valuation...
cfa consists of 3 parts, each of them harder than before, so passing part 1 does not say about your superior financial knowledge/capabilities

it may show that you are going to learn
@2012-02-14 00:46:57
By passing the level 1 somebody with a good finance experience will get more opportunities, but it is not true for somebody who is trying to get into finance; this last one should go ahead and work on L2
@2012-05-24 15:09:00
job is not a matter , the most important thing is do you think you could pass all the level smoothly and easily .
@2012-06-19 17:30:08
dont mind if I have to compromise a little on my salary , if it can give me a beak into finance taking a plunge without much expectations , may be when am done with all three levels i will have a realistic chance ...if not , it will still be worth it cos i wud have learned things about finance which has always fascinated me ...& continue with my sad IT job , without much regrets !
@2012-06-27 05:59:52
i am currently studying the final part of my MBA, after studying for 2 years, and also stusying towards my CFA Level 1 December examination. i am currently in a dead end job. i will acheive my MBA before December but after my CFA Level 1 exam what job prospects are there? i need to move into the industry asap? any advice anybody?
@2012-06-29 09:46:23
I just passed level 1 and I have masters in Financial Economics.What prospect of job do I have.Anyone!!
@2018-09-02 15:21:33
how to pass level1 exam give me some tips.....i do not have any knowaldge of finance...basically i am mechanical engg background...

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