AuthorTopic: Job prospects for a CPA with CFA
@2018-06-30 00:48:27
I am looking to work for a hedge fund. I have a BS in Finance and a CPA. I was wondering if I passed CFA level 1 will my prospects improve or hedge funds still only prefer people with an Ivy league education? What I am worried about is that I put the effort to get the CFA and still be denied because I don't have an Ivy league background.
@2018-07-12 08:26:33
Well y u worried so much , ok as i cpa i know a sol 4 u its like:

do u have any audit exp in financial services etc? if ye then use ur conatcts and u will be there
or get to accounts deptt of any related industry then move into finance field easily .

i wonder y u r so desperate 4 that kinda job.

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Craig Baugh